Brazil Casa do Lago

Espaços Latentes/Latent Spaces Reframed is an installation of site-specific screendance works by Ana Baer and artistic collaborators. This event was produced by Dançaberta under the direction of Julia Ziviani, and Bruno Harlyson as the Assistant Producer. The exhibit took place at the Casa do Lago, Unicamp, Campinas, Brazil and it consisted of eight works co-directed, co-produced, filmed and edited by Baer. The project explores two broad themes within Baer’s site-specific screendance work: themes loosely categorized as “extreme environments” (Wild-er-ness + WECreateICE + WECreate Spaces + Dunes) and “identity, roots, and home” (shift + La Sabina + TerraBlue + Turbulence).

Heike Salzer shared the direction, production, cinematography and editing of the piece WECreateICE, as well as the direction and production of Wild-er-ness and WECreate Spaces;  Michelle Bernier shared the direction, production and cinematography of the piece Turbulence and was the editor as well; Rocio Luna shared the direction and production of the piece La Sabina; Rosely Conz shared the direction and production of the piece TerraBlue; Dancaberta under Julia Ziviani and Bruno Harlyson created the scenic design for the whole exhibit.

Espaços Latentes/Latent Spaces Reframed was open from May 25 to May 30, 2019. As opening event the space was activated by a live performance by Dançaberta dancers: Ayumi Hunada, Flavia Pinheiro, Julia Ferreira, Lais Taufic and Angela Nolf (guest artist) under the direction of Julia Ziviani, and Michelle Bernier.  Live music was played during the event by Marcelo Onofri.

*WECreateProductions is the transcontinental company of screendance artists Ana Baer and Heike Salzer. Committed to exploring the possibilities of digital technology in service of collaborative art creation, they produce site-specific interdisciplinary works inspired by their shared fascination of extreme landscapes, place and narratives of sites.

Pieces screened during the exhibit: Wild-er-ness + WECreateICE + WECreate Spaces + Dunes + shift + La Sabina + TerraBlue + Turbulence


Photo Gallery

Live Performance

We create ice
WECreateICE, 2016 – ongoing

shift, 2018 – ongoing

la sabina
la sabina, 2019 – ongoing

Turbulence, 2019 – ongoing

Wild-er-ness, 2017 – ongoing

we create spaces
WECreate Spaces, 2019 – ongoing

Dunes, 2016 – ongoing

TerraBlue, 2018 – ongoing