Latent Spaces La Habana is a touring installation of site-specific works by Ana Baer Carrillo, Rocio Luna, Heike Salzer and artistic collaborators. This exhibit features screendance, photography, and sound art featuring a poetic indication of place. The exhibit took place at the Sala de la Diversidad in La Havana, Cuba from April 21 to May 20, 2023.

The success of acceptance and appreciation of the work of Ana Baer, Rocio Luna, Heike Salzer and Artistic Collaborators is in intervening natural spaces from various body identities with a careful aesthetic and poetic relationship between the context and who inhabits it through dance. Their work speaks towards a harmonious encounter between the human and the natural environment without ceasing to show itself as a concern for universal conservation and respect for life.
Espacios Latentes Replanteados - La Habana carries the breath of beings of peace and beauty that playfully interact from their choreographed movements for the camera with those isolated places that stand out in the images as necessary environments of existence.
- Andrés D. Abreu 

*WECreateProductions is the transcontinental company of screendance artists Ana Baer and Heike Salzer. Committed to exploring the possibilities of digital technology in service of collaborative art creation, they produce site-specific interdisciplinary works inspired by their shared fascination of extreme landscapes, place and narratives of sites.

Pieces screened during the exhibit: Wild-er-ness + THULE + La Sabina + IXCHEL + Sympoiesis + PARAKATA + dunes


Photo Gallery
Weight Lifting Class
Parakata, 2018 – ongoing


Dunes, 2016 – ongoing


Sympoiesis, 2023 – ongoing


Thule, 2019 – ongoing


La sabina, 2019 – ongoing


Wild-er-ness, 2017 – ongoing


Ixchel, 2021 – ongoing

Still photography