p a r a k a t a


Fragility and Strength. Parakata dances across borders and gathers. Here, in this corner of the mountain range, in their contact they all become brittle and powerful, recognizing themselves neither more capable nor less than the rest. The survival of the monarch butterfly depends on a large number of habitats in Canada, the United States and Mexico. In 2008, the three countries adopted a plan for the conservation of the habitat of butterflies through their migration routes.

  • Director: Ana Baer Carrillo
  • Dancers: Rocio Luna, Natalia Reza
  • Costume Design: Ana Baer Carrillo and Rocio Luna
  • Original Music: Omar Soriano
  • Logistics and Still Photography: Gerardo Avila
  • Filmed and Edited by Ana Baer Carrillo
  • Produced by Baer Productions