Eric Sánchez


Mexican photographer, multimedia artist and dancer. He has documented daily, political and artistic life from real events as faithful representations of the fragments of life that he has been able to witness with an approach and sensitive treatment of the subjects, a deep knowledge of the composition space and mastery in the management of natural and artificial light schemes. He had his beginnings in photojournalism which led him to become familiar with crowds, speed and the extraordinary circumstances of life, resulting in awards such as First Place in the Art and Culture category as individual photography at the 6th Photojournalism Biennial in 2005 and more recently First Place in the CANONCREATORS 2021 “Natural Light” photographic contest. His work has been exhibited at the Centro de la Imagen, Las Lunas del Auditorio, the Alfredo Zalce Museum of Contemporary Art, among others, and has been published in national magazines such as CUARTOSCURO and Paso de Gato and international magazines such as The Dance Magazine and Fahrenheit.