WECreate Spaces


The WECreate Spaces series captures contrasting urban metropolitan atmospheres via screendance, photography and costume installation. Filmed over a period of two years in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Mexico, the pieces reflect on the idiosyncrasy and similarities between urban locations.

Drawing on their visceral ability the artists capture ephemeral sensibilities through their presence exploring the local as a collective. Through zooming into the in-betweenness of urban landscapes and emplacement of the body in environments, the works suggest poetic visual portraits of the local, inventively transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

Filmed in Limerick, Ireland; London, United Kingdom; Morelia, Mexico, 2018-2019.

  • Direction: Ana Baer Carrillo · Heike Salzer
  • Choreography, Dance: Rocio Luna · Michelle Nance · Heike Salzer
  • Costume design: Robert Burton
  • Music Composition: Joaquin Lopez Chas · Jack Laidlaw · Christian Alexander Cruz Lineros
  • Camera, Editing: Ana Baer
  • Photography: Ana Baer
  • Production: WECreate Productions